Welcome to The STREET MINISTERS Project


Organised by the Street Ministers Executive Committee, SM's was initially established by Christians from various churches - all working together to include various help agencies to help the vulnerable and disenfranchised, just as the Bible calls Christians to do.  Individuals and Churches have come together to help in the local areas.  We have many enquiries from abroad to also start a new Street Ministers Project in their home country.



There are many Community Pastors and Minders that are now on the streets to help the vulnerable and disenfranchised by talking to them, often counselling lost souls and bringing Godly wisdom to their lives through Jesus.

We are a registered not-for-profit Limited Company. Registered in England at Companies House. Registration Number 07605657 

STREET MINISTERS have operated in  Aylesbury, Buckingham, Bletchley, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and Newport Pagnell, and may be coming to a Town near YOU!

Amazing...     A Great Thank you for your votes.

Our history shows we have served the community and you have given us yet more accolades at the 2008 / 2009 and 2011 Milton Keynes Pride awards.  We decided to move over to give others a chance to win and gain recognition.

Just some of the awards you have voted for Street Ministers to win, for example:-

'Making a Difference On The Streets'

Also 'Best Volunteer'

Also 'Making Milton Keynes Safer'

Also 'Finalists'in the category:

'Making Milton Keynes Safer'

See the Citizen videos of the Awards Ceremonies on our Current NEWS page


The Street Ministers Project is a registered Charity under 'Fresh Inspiration' Charitable Trust 

Charity Number 1117603.

To Partner with us in  Ministry please go to the Partner in Ministry Page.  Thank you in advance for your donation, which is much appreciated. Bless your heart.

Organised by the SM's Executive Committee established by Christians working together from  various churches around Milton Keynes




We are now officially in partnership with the British Red Cross and as volunteers we undergo accredited first-aid training to the highest levels of competency.



A Christian run organisation established by volunteers from various churches. .

We have worked hard over the past decade to establish a working relationship with the Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes Council and the Housing office, the City's Milton Keynes Central Partnership and the many and various other help agencies, churches, etc, and we are obviously willing to work with any other ethical groups. 

We have also worked hard at building relationships with other night-time initiatives, such as Street Angels, etc. We are also involved with The National Christian Nightlife Initiative.  The 'Christian Initiative' was founded by Paul Blakey MBE and our National STREET MINISTERS Project fully endorse and support this new work. 


The STREET MINISTERS Project has in the past helped many on the streets late at night, and we supported the Police in many occasions; looking after alcohol or drug sufferers, etc, now we work earlier in the day, as a 'Loving gift and moral presence' to the people of our social community.    

The STREET MINISTERS Project: Anyone may apply to help us and assist our patrol section of Street Ministers, we will welcome and work with others, regardless of their faith.  All we ask is that they have some respect for our Christian moral values and our charism of love and compassion. 

You may also want to do something different and helpful, like contributing funds.

Alternatively you may wish to host a pre-patrol meeting at your home, or a church hall, perhaps once a month or more, to offer refreshments for our own STREET MINISTERS before or after they are out working on the streets, as street Pastors and Carers / Minders, before they go out!

Just contact us to chat it over with you. 


STREET MINISTERS Project - Volunteers:

If you are interested:- 

Please call our unmanned telephone on 01908 234643 Answerphone available 24/7. But Please speak clearly and repeat a second time if you wish to be understood. It is better if you could also text  us, below on the, 

TEXT PHONE 07799 847720 and send us an email at

office@streetministers.org anytime. We would love to hear from you.  

You may come for an informal interview at an agreed time and have a trial, as an observer only, with the street patrols - we usually patrol at the weekends and under supervision with a trained Team Leader.

There is a minimum training time of 4 - 5 weeks (you will be given a SM handbook) before you become a Street Minister and you will need to agree to our learning plan, for personal growth, which will be achieved through a commitment to ongoing training, as we should never stop learning.

There is much to learn about people, and this is our commitment to individual growth, to minister as Street Ministers.

Volunteers need to be over 18 (no upper age limit) and willing to train in this project, to be a part of the Street Ministers. You do not need to be a Christian to be an Observer or a volunteer helper.  You do need a caring heart.

Inter-Denominational: STREET MINISTERS are Inter-Denominational and accept people from all areas of the Christian Community for training and leadership.


VOLUNTEERS - We will be pleased to accept enquiries from any Christian individuals to become a part of the STREET MINISTERS Project, so long as they are able to gain a pastoral reference and are in good standing with their church:-

1). Are over 18 (no upper age limit) and...

2). Willing to make a sincere commitment.  Note: It is normal to join in purely as an OBSERVER to start with. And if an enquirer really feels called to this street style pastoral work, as a STREET MINISTER, we will carry out our checks and if successful, we will then train the individual in our street pastoral ministry.

3). Are prepared to work under supervision with a trained Street Minister looking after you to start with and you will be accountable for your attitude and working relationship while involved in the Street Ministers Project.  

4).  Are prepared to undergo a CRB check, to eventually become an officially trained Street Minister, as we are often called upon to care for, or work with, vulnerable adults and under 18's.

5).  Applicants will also need to commit to our STREET MINISTERS modular training programme, to complete the part time evening/weekend training course and includes 'Basic Street Pastor' work and prepared to undertake  'Basic Counselling' training sessions and may also be expected to train at other times, (like First Aid, or further Leadership training) as required and arranged.   See 'Training' page for further details of current courses.  

The workshop counselling training will be kindly carried out at the new local training institute in Milton Keynes, Bucks. UK - The Convergence Colllege which is the Centre for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CPCPE),

Volunteers may have some different motivations, but we do recommend similar training for everyone.

The Volunteer Handbook will help your training process from the outset and an ongoing programme for those who want to learn more and progress in the Street Ministers Project.

You will need to be able to digest the training material, and demonstrate to the leadership, a submissive quality and an empathy for the poor, be self disciplined enough, and able to show maturity to help others, as a role model in our society.

The important requirement, is one of respect and a non-judgemental attitude to enable us to work with other groups and agencies within our wider community. 

There is a need to demonstrate professional ethics and a duty of care to our clients and the members of our organisation.

Therefore applicants will all be subject to CRB checks and basic details and a current passport style of picture will automatically be offered to the Police and used if they require it, when someone volunteers.


Individuals:   We would ask Christians to please support our street pastoral teams that are going out, through prayer, or you could partner with us, with practical help in offering love gifts of upwards of £5.00 per week, as this could help someone find God on the streets.  
We are looking for sponsors and Funding which could be offered towards expenses for food, clothing, sleeping equipment, tents, or practical support for this ministry. You will be directly helping the poor! 

We are part of:- 

Fresh Inspirations Charitable Trust

Charity Registration Number - 1117603

Please think about the idea of a GIFT AID for your giving and we can claim the tax relief.. to add to your gift if you are a Tax payer

Be a real part of this ministry, praying for a street pastor / minister.

Volunteers for any work in the STREET MINISTERS Project: 
Simply Email:-  office@streetministers.org 

WANTED: Area Co-ordinators and Team Leaders

We are also looking for new Co-ordinators to start team building in many other areas, if that is you, and you feel you have the experience to unite churches and help agencies in your locality and to serve part time to start with and eventually to take this on as a full time position, simply call us, and/or email.

or email us directly:-  office@streetministers.org

The STREET MINISTERS  commission is to bring help and the word to those who are struggling.  

We now go out in the day time and patrol our inner City areas and other districts.

The STREET MINISTERS also bring hope for the local community of a safer night time economy, with their loving gift of  'a moral presence', when they are out late at the weekend Patrols on Friday and Saturday nights. 

We still need more volunteers to be available on Thurs, Fri & Saturday nights.  Come join us!
Street Ministers will be on City watch STREET PATROL in the inner City areas, around the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs and on the streets, late at night and into the early hours of the morning.  

Milton Keynes City centre is a relatively safe place to be, especially around the clubs and restaurants at the Theatre District and around the Xscape buildings - as it is a naturally safe contained area to look after, not only by the Police, but also the STREET MINISTERS (The MK main shopping centre, restaurants, and the pubs/clubbing areas are not stretched out in many different areas, like many other cities and larger towns).
Therefore its is easy to patrol and the STREET MINISTERS have previously offered and been quite helpful to the Police, and ambulance staff, club owners and security staff, by looking out for people who have had too much to drink and are in danger of accident or are particularly vulnerable and perhaps isolated females or younger people.  

STREET MINISTERS especially help with the Police at times to look after lone, vulnerable females, that have been drinking and where they might fall prey to stalkers, rapists or muggers.  We wish to make this a safer place for younger revellers, who are perhaps just starting out, to go clubbing, perhaps for the first time.

We believe that we have been instrumental in contributing to the fall in street crime around the City, since we started patrolling, making our new City of Milton Keynes, a safer place to visit and enjoy a night out with friends.  

The STREET MINISTERS also offer to bring help as a 'Loving gift of presence' to the disenfranchised, the vulnerably housed, lonely and shut ins.



Apart from new and regular patrols in the day time economy the STREET MINISTERS want to advertise an independant organisation called 'BUS-STOP Free Drop-In facility & Counselling Service Ltd, operated by a not-for-profit limited company called BUS-STOP, which was designed for Crisis Listening, Emotional Support, and there is also a facility for professional qualified Counselling as well. All our members are subject to the process of CRB checks. 

BUS-STOP Web site - http://www.thebus-stop.org

'BUS-STOP' clients may be referred on, where necessary, to other specialist agencies like Talk Therapy, Turning Point, Haste, or CDAC, Shelter, etc. 

We also supply a leaflet with up to date info on help agencies for the homeless of our City. 

We will also try to bring a message of hope for those in substance abuse and family crisis.