Welcome to The STREET MINISTERS Project


STREET MINISTERS Project is run by Christians, but we allow volunteers to help us if they are caring individuals that will be able to complete and pass the 12 week training course.  

We are open to volunteers from all members of the public, no matter what the belief system might be, so long as you have a caring heart, As a non-Christian, you may be of any faith, or no-faith persuasion, in which case you may become a STREET MINISTERS Helper. 

We also have membership, or affiliations, open to all local Gospel Churches; to join and work alongside us in leadership, with this organisation

If you want to join and work with us - please contact us to find out how you may be a part of this worthwhile work. 

Come and join us on patrol and have a chat with us, on Friday Saturday nights - 9/10pm-3/4am, you are very welcome to talk to us -

Look out for the Street Ministers Bus. 

And please beware of other groups who may not be working together, as they may not be sufficiently supervised or accountable.  All of our leaders are both CRB checked and accountable and anyone attending will be under close supervision at all times. 

Remember, if it doesnt say 'Street Ministers' on the can... it probably isn't a Street Ministers Bus at all...! 

Contact us at office@streetministers.org

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