Welcome to The STREET MINISTERS Project

Thanks to our ex Pastor/Minister - Steve Bamber

Outgoing Pastoral worker - SM Steve Bamber

We have been operating SM's since July 2007 and our new Temporary Co-ordinator of STREET MINISTERS is now Reverend Deaconess Elaine Maries, who takes over from Annette Christian and previously Steve Bamber, as our new National Coordinator. We give Thanks here to the past commitment from those friends of the Street Ministers Project.  We always need Volunteers.

Contact Elaine Maries by:- 

Email:         Office@streetministers.org


Elaine - 01908 234643 for Volunteers Weekend Patrols, etc, or for anything else please contact; 

Bishop George - Text Mobile - 07799 847720 we will return to your contact within 24/48 hours.

Soup run now being covered by a local Church 8pm - 8-30pm  

We are still patrolling and befriending people and offering volunteer support at weekends.

PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer feed on demand with Foodbank offering 7 day support.