Welcome to The STREET MINISTERS Project

International and Local Offices:

UK Local Coordinator's Office:

Email Best Contact:  office@streetministers.org


Elaine - 01908 234643 for Volunteers Weekend Patrols, etc, or for anything else please contact; 

Bishop George - Text Mobile - 07799 847720 we will return to your contact within 24/48 hours.

There is a soup run at the Central Market Place every Sunday evening at:-  8pm - 8-30pm  

PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer feed on demand with Foodbank offering 7 day support. 


There is also a Drop-In facility provided in the day time, at the BUS-STOP Free Drop-In & Counselling Service, for those who may have mental health issues and/or who need to offload to a friendly ear, or perhaps a shoulder to cry on.


UK & INTERNATIONAL Enquiries Office:

Contact The Founder and Leader


The Most Rev Dr ++George A. Booty

Chaplain To The Poorest Of The Poor

Enquiries - please email the office at STREET MINISTERS