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BRITISH RED CROSS PARTNERSHIP - Street Ministers are in Partnership with the British Red Cross and we are all becoming BRS volunteer First Aiders.   Debbie Brooks seen here doing a fantastic job training a batch of our Street Ministers in December 2009.

STREET MINISTERS - Seen here outside the Xscape building - working as volunteers with the MK Council's - Community Safety Team (now renamed Safer MK) seen here simply helping by handing out bottles of water to clubbers, just prior to Christmas - back in Dec 2008 and also again at Easter 2009.


A picture of our Friday Night Street Ministers Patrol seen here with Mr Neil Atkinson.  Neil and his team were working alongside  Street Ministers at Easter 2008, where the Milton Keynes Community Safety Manager had his helpers handing out supplies of drinking water in the early hours of Friday morning.

Our organisation is built on the principles of integrity and we attempt to build up and provide an effective service to the poor of our community.  

We do not mind if this inspires others to get out on the streets and do similar work, we consider that really encouraging. 

The work of STREET MINISTERS is very established now and has been going on for over two years, so please help us to carry this out. We rely on donations and funding so please give generously from your heart. 

George is the Founder of the STREET MINISTERS Project and his aim is to work closely together with the executive managementand the security managers of the City Centre, to find out how we can all work together on the homeless issues, as they develop around this new City, within the shopping centre and theatre district and beyond into the many estates, seen here with a local friendly Security man, who was also a next door neighbour to George.

Raj and George enjoying a quick chat and a joke, on a Friday night around 2am.

Many can see the benefits of our work in the City Centre areas especially the door staff and the private Security Managers.  We now have the use of the two way radio systems and these are now linked into the CCTV & Police surveilance.

The STREET MINISTERS Project continues to grow, by listening to the community generally, the authorities and various agencies, including the largest resource this country has, 'The Church Community' as a whole. We also listen in an unbiased way to give a voice to the homeless and the poorest of the poor of our City. This new and very relevant 'voice' allows the Street Ministers to make a distinctive and substantial impact for those we minister to.


We part of the Fresh Inspirations Charitable Trust of Milton Keynes. England. UK.